The final migration window is here. You have until January 13th at 4pm UTC to send your eligible V1 tokens to the following address. If you are still holding on Hotbit, you MUST send your tokens to a personal wallet first, and then to the following address:


This is the one and only migration address!

You might have noticed the word eligible above. The deadline to buy eligible V1 tokens on UNISWAP was October 26th at 4pm UTC. Anything bought after this date and time was bought on discount and will not be migrated. This date and time was communicated daily leading up to our relaunch on 11/30.

Every transaction coming in to the migration wallet will be analyzed fully, as people found out in the first migration. Nobody will sneak in with ineligible tokens! If you bought tokens both before and after the deadline, send only the tokens bought before the deadline.

This info is also posted on all our social media below. Please only get your info from these official project sources:



We support endangered animals.

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