MemeFlate selects RedPanda Earth as Charity Token Sponsor!

RedPanda Earth, a charity project and ERC-20 deflationary token created to give back to our beautiful and diverse planet. We seek to save endangered species and conserve wildlife. When the words “crypto charity” are mentioned, we want to be the first organization that comes to mind — this is the ultimate goal.

MemeFlate has gifted RedPanda Earth 1% of $Mflateable ($MFT) Token Supply on BSC — 0x2Fa1890174F4fb94b9144cDA102A2a5fd1488FA8 to our various RedPanda Earth charitable causes. We never sell them, so we can guarantee that at least 1% of a project’s total token supply will stay safely tucked away, thus essentially removing the token from $Mflateable supply! We will collect BNB Rewards from token volume and on their behalf, we will contribute to various animal welfare and wildlife charitable organizations!

MemeFlate Ltd is a platform that “houses” all types of artists (from Meme/vine/graphic designers to video production and web development) and connects them to projects in need of creatives. The team is developing the platform tirelessly: “Further expansion of the project leads us to “real-world” service for hire, from catering to wedding planners. Customers will be able to find all services at MemeFlate2.0 marketplace”.

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MemeFlate is listed on BSC and has an upcoming launch of a new token $MFLATEBALE on 12/1/2021. Details are below:

We appreciate MemeFlate’s generosity and support in our quest to save endangered species and wildlife conservation.

Join the Crypto Charity Revolution! Let’s save all the endangered species and conserve wildlife today!

We provide financial resources to help endangered animals.