Migration is over for V1.

RedPanda Earth
4 min readFeb 20, 2023

If you are reading this you likely know that RedPanda Earth has migrated to a new contract. People that do not check in often were unaware of this action, which is regrettable. Those same people also do not know the situation the project was in that forced us to take this action, which you can read about below.

The first version of our token was launched by an anonymous developer, known in the Telegram as “J”. His wallet address is 0xeAf996c6e88EAD9b372376A4730147CCD340de9B and is labeled as Red Panda: Deployer on Etherscan. The launch transaction is below:

Within 24 hours, J renounced the contract, making it ownerless; the renounce transaction is below:

At this point, several members of the community stepped forward and volunteered to help run the token and take on all work involved with that, such as listing on CMC and CG and various CEX’s. CEX listings were funded with community donations.

What J didn’t renounce or burn was the liquidity on Uniswap, which he owned. If you don’t know what liquidity is, it allows the buying and selling on Uniswap. As a token price increases, as does the value of this liquidity. Through time, we worked with J to keep locking this liquidity to make our token safe…

In the Summer of 2022, J let us know that on the next liquidity unlock date, December 30th, 2022, he would be removing it, which would have rendered the project dead. Without liquidity and someone to replace it, there would be nothing to trade against on the Uniswap pair.

In October of 2022, the community decided to get ahead of his liquidity removal and migrate to a new contract. This involved a five-week process of people (that wanted to remain with the project) sending their tokens to a central wallet for us to sell into the Uniswap pool to get as much Ethereum as possible out for our relaunch. This was a TIME-SENSITIVE migration since J would be removing the liquidity on December 30th, as mentioned before.

The migration process needed to start somewhere. This involved setting a buy or sell date (which was October 26th), since once we started selling everybody’s tokens the price would begin to decrease dramatically. Anyone buying after this date would be buying on a discount from our selling, thus rendering these tokens ineligible to migrate to the new contract. Also anyone selling after this would be selling at a discount. This date was communicated on Telegram and Twitter with plenty of time.

To be clear, we were selling people’s tokens that sent in for migration. The Ethereum we were able to procure for V2 from selling people’s tokens came from the trust these people had in the project. Every single person that sent in V1 on-time was compensated with V2 tokens.

We set a deadline of November 30th, 2022 to send in V1 tokens, which was also the date we launched V2. Anybody that wasn’t aware and/or didn’t send in their tokens on time was a detriment to the migration, as we were not able to sell those tokens to get more Ethereum for relaunch. Every token airdropped for relaunch MUST HAVE BEEN represented by Ethereum, otherwise it diluted the supply.

In the end, J did end up removing the remaining liquidity that we could not get out of the V1 Uniswap pool through selling the tokens that people sent in, which was about 10 Ethereum. Again, you can refer back to his wallet for this liquidity removal, the first of which is below:

Anyone that still has V1 tokens, including those that bought ineligible tokens after the October 26th, 2022 buy/sell deadline and wants to be compensated can take measures to investigate J’s wallet, which to remind is 0xeaf996c6e88ead9b372376a4730147ccd340de9b. The remaining Ethereum he removed from the V1 pool is what rendered the V1 token untradeable. It represented the liquidity of any further tokens that were outstanding, and in NO WAY are tied to anyone else, including the owner of the V2 contract.

The good thing is that J used Coinbase to cash out, as represented with the following transaction:

You can see in this transaction that J transferred to wallet 0xCceFE7FC4a7B9fC626cca79533ee3893d415da7B which is tied to the Coinbase 10 wallet. Coinbase requires KYC identification; anyone with enough recourse can investigate, we as a project do not have the funds to investigate.

Again, anyone that has V1 tokens outstanding that needs or wants to go through the process of investigation needs to investigate wallet 0xeaf996c6e88ead9b372376a4730147ccd340de9b. V2 is in no way liable as it is a brand new token, with Ethereum represented by the people that sent in V1 on time. Anyone left over is represented by the liquidity that J removed.

Thank you for reading this, migration is CLOSED.