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2 min readDec 26, 2022


Our migration went smoothly. People are staking their new $REDPANDA tokens (over 26,000 tokens staked thus far!) and are enjoying their passive returns. You can un-stake at any time without penalty and can also harvest and stake the harvested tokens for a compounding effect. Staking site here.

You can also hold in your personal Ethereum wallet such as Metamask, Coinbase Wallet or Trust Wallet for 1% reflections, but as most of you know we are currently in a market with very little volume except for newly launched projects, but even those die down in volume eventually.

We also had a very successful NFT promo on our Red Panda Pals collection, viewable on OpenSea here. Any holder up to the deadline, both old and new, received 30 tokens per NFT held! Over 700 pals were minted after holding at just 250 after launch over a year ago. These promos will be ongoing. There is currently another promo running until New Year’s, midnight 1/1/2023 UTC. Details were tweeted out with the graphic below:

As previously published, we relaunched with an updated logo which was met with great praise. It brought a sense of professionalism and strayed away from memeness while also remaining fun. After feedback that the beige background was nice but lacking, we are unveiling the update below, which ties together the “earth” part of the project:

You will begin to see our website, socials and listings updated with the new logo in the coming weeks.

Speaking of listings, in great news, CoinGecko completed our contract swap within days and the only active RedPanda Earth listing is our new contract! With the CG listing, value and logo for V2 are now showing in Metamask wallets. Coinbase Wallet and Trust Wallet values and logo depend on CMC listing…

Unfortunately, CoinMarketCap continues to lag behind on completing the contract swap. As such, the current CMC listing continues to show our old, and soon to be liquidated token. We continue to follow up on a close to daily basis. It would be unfortunate for them to have a token with no liquidity listed as verified but alas, it is out of our control.

As always please follow us on our official RedPanda Earth socials below. There are always fake/scam pages popping up on all platforms so it is essential that you follow these links or the links on our Twitter or Website.





CoinGecko listing: