RedPanda Earth Forms a Strategic Partnership With Froge Finance

RedPanda Earth (REDPANDA) is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with Froge Finance (FROGE).

FROGE is “The world’s first cryptocurrency designed specifically to appreciate in value over time, while simultaneously providing vital support in the fight against deforestation and climate change.” FROGE has a unique approach to saving our beloved rainforests with automatic donations to Cool Earth. FROGE has raised $200,000 in the race to prevent deforestation!

FROGE’s dedication to saving the world’s rainforests almost mirrors REDPANDA’s own determination to help save animals threatened by the destruction of tropical and temperate rainforests around the world. Since REDPANDA is an official Conservation Circle Partner of the Rainforest Trust, we feel it is our civic and moral duty to support like-minded organizations through open communication, reciprocity and camaraderie.

As a first step in our partnership, we will be developing a shared NFT marketplace called “PandaFroge.” For those unfamiliar with the concept of an NFT, it refers to what are called non-fungible tokens. These tokens are minted in limited quantities and have their very own identification number, so no two tokens are the same. NFTs can be held, traded or sold just like baseball cards except digitally. They generally are graphically unidimensional (like a still image), but surprisingly they could also include animation, music and even videos! The proceeds from the sale of these NFTs will facilitate our separate causes, but ultimately benefit endangered wildlife and their fragile ecosystems.

In addition to creating the NFT marketplace for both of our organizations, we also plan to open up the platform to other proven, reputable, and legitimate charities with their own NFT offerings! We are extremely excited with the direction this endeavor is headed because we feel that more token creators should consider real-world use cases for their organizations (like charitable work) rather than existing as merely a meme coin.

With this partnership, REDPANDA and FROGE will share vital business relationships, industriousness and innovation ideas. We intend to foster a leading-edge symbiosis that will not only benefit our separate organizations, but ultimately contributes to the rescue of endangered flora and fauna in the crosshairs of an irreversible catastrophe.

We are indeed grateful for the opportunity to forge and solidify this relationship well into the future.

Thank you,

The RedPanda Earth Team


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