RedPanda Earth Forms Strategic Partnership with GreenFi

RedPanda Earth (REDPANDA) is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with GreenFi.

GreenFi is the first all-in-one green Crypto DeFi platform. As a Crypto Climate Accord signatory company, their goal is to decarbonize the whole crypto ecosystem.

REDPANDA and GreenFi will begin our collaboration through our mutual announcements and cross-promotional efforts in order to get the word out about how environmentally-impacting cryptocurrencies (i.e. mining) can be. Over time, there will be discussion about how we go about decarbonizing the entire crypto space. As members of the Crypto Climate Accord, our projects will be at the forefront of exciting and innovative developments with regard to the decarbonization of crypto.

REDPANDA is always seeking new joint partnerships and ventures. We are absolutely confident that GreenFi is a great match because our projects’ visions overlap in the fact that we are both attempting to reduce humankind’s carbon footprint and overall impact on the our planet.

As many know, REDPANDA is a signatory for the Crypto Climate Accord, so partnering up with a fellow signatory is well warranted. We look forward to a long, prosperous and healthy relationship with GreenFi.

GreenFi can be found on now on the Binance Smart Chain and later on the Energy Web Chain. We provide links to their project below.

Our Sincerest Thanks to GreenFi and our holders for all of the love and support!

— The Entire RedPanda Earth Team


REDPANDA is a non-profit corporation and deflationary token on Ethereum created to give back to our beautiful and diverse planet in numerous ways. Especially proactive in maintaining and adding to the value of our token, REDPANDA’s team members work hard morning, noon and night to add as much value as we possibly can through marketing and facilitating newly found connections.

We seek to propel this project to greater heights and establish new benchmarks within the crypto charity space. When the words “crypto charity” are mentioned, we want to be the first organization that comes to mind — this is our ultimate goal.

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