RedPanda Earth is Listed on EPRO Tracking App!

RedPanda Earth (REDPANDA) is pleased to announce inclusion onto EPRO’s DeFi tracking platform!

With the EPRO app, our holders can track as many wallets as they want; their total balance will be shown as the the sum of all wallets in addition to a breakdown of each wallet. With the EPRO tracker, REDPANDA holders can also view their ETH balance.

All of these cool features will incentivize its users to employ the tracker app for all things DeFi! We appreciate the inclusion onto EPRO’s app and wish them a lot of success with the relaunch and future growth.

REDPANDA is always seeking new joint partnerships and ventures. This new partnership with EPRO is an example of the progress we can make when we work hard to enhance the value of REDPANDA!

Here is amazing an excerpt from the crew at EPRO: “We want to thank the $REDPANDA community for their efforts saving our endangered species and time doing so. We will make a donation to your cause when our project fully launches today at 9 PM EST as we fully support it.”

Awesome, aren’t they? All we can say to them is THANK YOU!

We have listed EPRO’s links below. Please visit them and show them all of your support.

Our Sincerest Thanks to EPRO and our holders for all of the love and support!

— The Entire RedPanda Earth Team


REDPANDA is a non-profit corporation and deflationary token on Ethereum created to give back to our beautiful and diverse planet in numerous ways. Especially proactive in maintaining and adding to the value of our token, REDPANDA’s team members work hard morning, noon and night to add as much value as we possibly can through marketing and facilitating newly found connections.

We seek to propel this project to greater heights and establish new benchmarks within the crypto charity space. When the words “crypto charity” are mentioned, we want to be the first organization that comes to mind — this is our ultimate goal.


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We provide financial resources to help endangered animals.