RedPanda Earth Launches Red Panda Pal NFTs

RedPanda Earth, a charity project and deflationary token created to give back to our beautiful and diverse planet. We seek to save endangered species and conserve wildlife. When the words “crypto charity” are mentioned, we want to be the first organization that comes to mind — this is the ultimate goal.

Deep in the Himalayan forest lives a special Red Panda pack. These little fellows are on a mission to save endangered species, defend animal rights and preserve their habitats.

10,000 Red Panda Pals! Each Red Panda Pal contributes to RedPanda Earth’s ongoing charitable efforts! With over 100+ donations to organizations worldwide, we are on a mission to save all endangered species!

Mint a Red Panda Pal here —

Each Red Panda Pal is 0.02 ETH.

Step 1: Login to the website (connect with MetaMask Wallet)

Step 2: You may need to refresh page, else select the number of Red Panda Pals to mint. The limit is 10 per transaction.

Step 3: After selecting your amount, click the Red Panda Pal image to mint!

Step 4: Check out your newly minted Red Panda Pals at and our Rarity Guide

NFT Minting Proceeds will go towards:

  • Charitable Donations
  • Buybacks of RedPanda Earth Token & Liquidity
  • Carbon Credit Purchases
  • Partnerships & Marketing Development
  • Smart Contract NFT Development
  • NFT Design Development

We will withdrawal to the following distribution:

  • 91% to the named RedPandaOps.ETH wallet
  • 5% to GC Creative Co — For the design of the NFTs
  • 4% to the NFT Smart Contract Development Team (pays for costs of hosting the NFT images, distribution, deployment, etc.)

The first and foremost action we will do with our 91% will be to fulfill our partnership and donate to International Animal Rescue — as announced here

We will be sending $10,000 to help build the IAR Costa Rica Wildlife Sanctuary.

To review the donations we have made thus far— Donation Tracker

Enjoy minting! Which Red Panda Pal will you find?


Partners and Sponsorships

We provide financial resources to help endangered animals.