RedPanda Earth Partners with CoinMerge

RedPanda Earth is very pleased to announce a major strategic partnership with CoinMerge!

CoinMerge is the new kid on the block and is already making monster waves throughout crypto with their innovative rewards systems for holders; not to mention their plans to premiere a cutting-edge one-stop-shop platform that is a melding of two platforms: Telegram and Dextools! We can hardly wait until they unveil it to the world! If the launch of their platform goes off without a hitch, stand back… the waves they are making now will look like ripples later.

There are so many benefits with this partnership but most key to RedPanda Earth is the unbelievably gracious gift from CoinMerge of 1% of the 5 billion total supply of their token: CMERGE!

So, what does this generous gesture from CoinMerge mean to us? It means that based on the way their token contract is written, all RedPanda Earth has to do is hold the 50 million tokens in a wallet forever and reap the benefits of the token — we promised CoinMerge that we never plan on selling a single CMERGE. We will keep our promise.

Back to the tokenomics… With every single buy or sell of CMERGE on exchanges, holders get reflections in, are you ready? Ethereum! That’s right, folks. This means that RedPanda’s Achilles heel — funds for marketing and other operational costs with charity donations — will be partially supplemented through the CMERGE rewards! We are simply blown away… This will open many new opportunities for our charity mission.

We are very grateful, excited and very thankful to CoinMerge. We look forward to a long, long future with them by our side. You can find out more about CoinMerge through their Twitter page:

Our Sincerest Thanks to CoinMerge and our holders for all of the love and support!

— The Entire RedPanda Earth Team


REDPANDA is a non-profit corporation and deflationary token created to give back to our beautiful and diverse planet in numerous ways. Especially proactive in maintaining and adding to the value of our token, REDPANDA’s team members work hard morning, noon and night to add as much value as we possibly can through marketing and facilitating newly found connections.

We seek to propel this project to greater heights and establish new benchmarks within the crypto charity space. When the words “crypto charity” are mentioned, we want to be the first organization that comes to mind — this is our ultimate goal.


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We provide financial resources to help endangered animals.