RedPanda Earth Partners with Mazer Gaming and Dives into the eSports Charity Arena! We now are networked to leading Metaverse Organizations via Mazer’s Existing Partners!

RedPanda Earth
2 min readNov 6, 2021

Mazer Gaming is a professional eSports and entertainment organization. The goal at Mazer Gaming is to create championship winning teams and produce entertaining content for our fans. Mazer Gaming is home to the Mazer Gaming Gives Back Tournament Series, a monthly crypto-infused eSports event across a huge variety of game titles. The goal of this series is to raise money for charity throughout the stream.

Mazer Gaming is partnered with organizations like Starlink (STARL), GALA Games (GALA), Everest (EVCOIN), Playcent (PCNT), and many others.

Mazer Gaming has a combined team following of 1.3M Twitter followers and obtains 350 million impressions per month! Across their Twitch, YouTube, and Instagram they have 800k followers! Mazer Gaming has a total demographics audience reach estimated at 454 Million potential viewers.

RedPanda Earth’s logo will be added on the Mazer website under Partners. Mazer Gaming and their eSports teams will tweet about us and our charity efforts monthly! Our logo will also be added to their YouTube and Twitch, and we will be able to have use of Mazer’s logo and player images to co-promote!

We are excited to continue building our brand awareness and the efforts we are doing for animal and wildlife welfare across the world! We look forward to the next Charity eSports tournaments that Mazer Gaming will have!

Here is an example of one of Mazer’s recent charity tournaments with Starlink and Cleaner Token —

Mazer Gaming HQ Twitter:
Mazer Gaming Website:

More to come on our partnership!

Please note that RedPanda Earth is an ERC-20 token and does not exist on the Binance Chain!

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