Medi Token will gift RedPanda Earth 1% of Medi Token supply cementing our relationship as charitable partners! Medi Token is slated to launch on ETH on January 15, 2022! The Medi Token aims to connect investors in the crypto space with first responders and those needing help in the healthcare sector through donations and charity works worldwide.

Medi Token Details Relaunch January 15

🤩 ERC20 Project
🔴1000Quad max supply
🤖 Anti bot & sniper measures in place.
🤫 Fair Launch with no team tokens or pre-sale.
💵 11% Transaction fees split as follows;

1% ~ Burn
1% ~ Reflection to holders
1% ~ Liquidity
3% ~ Sent to charity wallet
5% ~ Sent to dev/marketing wallet

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With this partnership, Medi Token will commit joint donations with RedPanda Earth and will donate on our behalf with ETH collected from Medi Token tokenomics to animal and wildlife conservation charities! We are looking forward to the successful launch of Medi Token and the additional support we hope to provide to animals and wildlife in need!

Join the Crypto Charity Revolution! Let’s save all the endangered species and conserve wildlife today!