RedPanda Earth

Oct 26, 2021

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RedPanda Earth Partners with the Decentra-Ecosystem and their Flagship Product — Decentra-Lotto!

RedPanda Earth, a charity project and deflationary token created to give back to our beautiful and diverse planet. We seek to save endangered species and conserve wildlife. When the words “crypto charity” are mentioned, we want to be the first organization that comes to mind — this is the ultimate goal.

We are pleased to announce that RedPanda Earth has partnered with Decentra-Lotto! — Decentra-Lotto is a decentralized crypto lottery & Defi Staking platform on BSC.! Decentra-Lotto is the flagship product of the Decentra-Ecosystem. The lottery system will launch soon!

With this partnership, Decentra-Lotto has setup a Charity option that if you enter their Lottery/Jackpot, 10% of all ticket sales (via the Charity option) will be donated to RedPanda Earth in the form of DELO tokens (Native Decentra-Ecosystem BSC Tokens).

This will give an opportunity for those on the BSC chain that want to contribute to RedPanda Earth! These folks can contribute to RedPanda Earth by purchasing tickets through Decentra-Lotto and those that do on BSC can win the jackpot themselves, while in the meantime 10% of that ticket sale goes to charity!

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Decentra-Lotto dAPP —
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Join the Crypto Charity Revolution! Let’s save all the endangered species and conserve wildlife today!

RedPanda Earth’s website:

RedPanda Earth Ethereum Contract: 0x514cdb9cd8a2fb2bdcf7a3b8ddd098caf466e548



RedPanda Earth Partners:

Crypto Climate Accord Signatory
Rainforest Trust Corporate Sponsor
International Animal Rescue Partner
Coins for Good Alliance
Crypto For the Culture Sponsor