RedPanda Earth Targets Net-Zero Emissions with Binance Charity Tree Millions Alliance

RedPanda Earth
3 min readNov 1, 2021

RedPanda Earth is now a Tree Millions Alliance Member! This is an initiative led by the Charity arm at Binance. This project aims to plant 10 million trees worldwide to offset deforestation and the global climate crises. RedPanda Earth made a $5,150 donation to help restore habitats and protect endangered wildlife! Binance commits that each dollar donated will equate to one tree planted.

Through this program, RedPanda Earth has now planted 5,150 trees! As RedPanda Earth is a signatory with the Crypto Climate Accord, it’s important that we achieve net-zero emissions from electricity consumption with all of our respective crypto-related operations by 2030. We commit to being carbon neutral by tree planting to offset all our transactions and NFT minting!

Take a look at our existing effort below
Data as of 11/01/2021

Step 1: Calculate C0 Footprint of Smart Contract

188,168 kg of CO₂ emissions from RedPanda Earth Smart Contract Use

Step 2: Calculate C0 Footprint from Red Panda Pals NFT Smart Contract

38 kg of CO₂ emissions from RedPanda Earth NFT Minting

Step 3: Total CO₂ emissions:
188,168+38 = 188,206 kg CO₂ Emissions

Step 4: Planted Trees with Binance Charity
$1 = 1 Tree planted

$5,150 Trees = 5,150 Trees Planted

Step 5: Calculate Carbon Offset

Around 6 trees will offset 1 tonne of CO₂ (Reference)
188,206 kg = 188.206 tonne
188.206 tonne×6 trees = 1,129.2 trees needed to offset RedPanda Earth

5,150 Trees Planted via Binance Charity

Step 6: Calculate RedPanda Earth Net-Zero Emissions Progress

1,129 Trees Needed to Carbon Offset
5,150 Trees Planted
= -4,021 Trees (Negative 4,021 Trees)

This means that RedPanda Earth is well on the way to operating at NET ZERO Emissions as we have planted Trees to carbon offset our smart contracts! We will continue to work within Crypto Climate Accord to better refine our process and add more calculations to refine even further more ways to carbon offset all of our activities as we mature through the years!

Please note that RedPanda Earth is an ERC-20 token and does not exist on the Binance Chain!

Join the Crypto Charity Revolution! Let’s save all the endangered species and conserve wildlife today!